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Hurry Up !!!! Currently We have Visa's for Schooling and Graduation Students. Hurry Up !!!! Apply As Soon As Possible Interested Candidates must visit at RMR Immigration and get more best opportunities for any kind of Visa's e.g. Work Visa, Tourist Visa, PR

No need of any kind of education, Ielts or sponsership. There are various purpose to choose tourist visa likewise business, pleasure, medical treatment While applying for tourist visa, you will have to show your counsellor that you are eligible to travel in the specific country according to their immigration and national regulations.

Dubai Sightseeing

The mesmeric beauty of Dubai always catches people’s eyes. In 2010 when Burj Khalifa was established it added a feather to one’s cap. Dubai is the most popular place to visit. If you have a plan for an office tour, family tour, honeymoon tour, group tour, or any other tour plan we help to get a tourist visa in an easy process.

You can visit or take a tour of Dubai with the help of a tourist visa. After applying within a month, you can get your tourist visa and can enjoy your successful immigration journey.

Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand is a land of smiles. Is Thailand in your plans to spend your holidays? The Land of Smiles can be an ideal place to visit briefly to break the monotonous professional routine and get in the celebration mode. The beaches, islands, and national parks are the diamonds of Thailand. Explore Thailand and get a tourist visa within 10 days after applying.

We provide professional assistance to secure your Thai tourist visa within the timelines. All Indians need a Thai tourist visa to visit Thailand, at RMR immigration we help to get a Thai tourist visa with a relaxed process with relevant documentation within timelines.

Malaysia Tourist Visa

Malaysia is the world’s most ecologically and culturally diverse country. A breathtaking natural beauty makes the soul of Malaysia, it is a country with a richness of adventures. Some people say Indians do not need a visa for a Malaysia tour but it’s all misperception.

All Indians need tourist visas for Malaysia tours, you can either get the Malaysia eVisa electronically (online) with an e-Visa system or apply for the Malaysia sticker visa at the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate via the Visa application centers in India. We help to get a Malaysia tourist visa within the timeframe with proper documentation.

Singapore Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit Singapore? The country always attracts tourists with its beauty. The country always welcomes you! Whether you want to enter the beautiful country for tourism purposes, to meet your family or friends, for business meets, or medical treatment you would require a valid visitor visa.

We are here to assist you in applying temporary or permanent visa with the complete process of getting a visa, we are a reliable recognized immigration company in India with our head office in Mohali, Punjab. For any Visa, you must meet the criteria set by the Singapore government, with proper document submission you can easily get the visitor visa.

Canada Tourist Visa

If you have a plan for short-term travel to Canada for tourism, business, or personal reasons? You need a visitor visa to Canada from India to enter the well-developed North American country offering never-ending opportunities to discover its beauty. A famous country that helps immigrants with career growth. The process for the visitor visa application can be time-taking and lengthy because the candidate must satisfy the criteria of immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Our dedicated team helps you to get the visa within a month of applying, we aim to secure your visa without any disturbance in your journey. We always try to provide our clients with as smooth as possible services whether they want to explore the scenic beauty of Canada, venture into a business, or apply for a job.

UK Tourist Visa

A memorable trip to the United Kingdom if you want to plan, you can easily go if you are fulfilling the criteria of the British government. It is only possible through a valid visa from the government. A visa for the United Kingdom is complicated to get but it can be easy if you are following the correct process of the visa.

We at RMR Immigration, a team of specialists guide you to follow the instructions of UK visa and get it quickly within the timeframe. We have the expertise to get the UK visa for you if you fit into the criteria of the UK government and the documents are accurate and complete to get the visa.

Australia Tourist Visa

Australia is the tourist place that captures the eye of a tourist, we always say, that we are here to make your dream true with our immigration services. With an easy process of the application, we assist you to get the visitor’s visa within the deadline. Our successful journey and client testimonials are indicators of the accuracy of the work.

Our team of professionals helps you to know the complete process of visa application and the accurate documents to be submitted for the visa, time is money and we value your time, money, and dreams that is the reason we always fulfill your requirements within the time limits. Apply for a tourist visa with us and capture the Australian memories in your eyes and camera with your family, friends, and loved ones.

You must qualify the legal terms by showing that:

  • Your aim to trip in the target country is for a temporary travel for leisure, business or
    medical treatment.
  • You have a plan to stay in the country for a limited time duration.
  • Proof of funds to support your stay in the target country.
  • Ensure that you will return after your visit ends.

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